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The AE.CAS’s company was founded in 1979 by Mr. Giovanni Casaletti, who used the experience he had gained in a major firm and decided to focus his business on the production of devices aimed at the appliance and automotive industries, particularly outsourced assembly of coils for solenoids and solenoid braking.

AECAS’s development specifically concentrated in the automotive sector with coils and electrical windings achieving a high level of specialisation. From 1994 to date, through continuous investments and technological upgrading of equipment, the automatic coil production department is able to produce more than 2500 coils a days. Currently approximately 4,500,000 different types (wire from 0.03 to 1.2 mm) of windings/year are produced with automatic multi spindle and manual machines.
To guarantee the quality of its supplies, the company certified its company system in compliance with ISO 9001 in 1994, and one of the fundamental aspects if its company policy continues to be the quality of the products and service it offers customers.

Two other elements are key points of AECAS’s policy:
– technology: constant investments to improve the efficiency and performance of its systems.
– automation of the production cycle: quality at competitive costs.
The ability to update production technologies associated with the continuous search for techniques and systems to ensure product quality have made a determinant contribution to the company’s growth, both in terms of turnover and volume and quality of production.


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