AE.CAS develops and produces smart electromechanical systems with small dimensions based of magnetism effect.

The sinergy of the competences includes:

  • Winding technology and soldering
  • Moulding technology in termoplastic or epossidic resins
  • Using of cables, electronics, rubbers
  • Realization and assembly of metallic parts

AECAS helps you in the realization of new products defining the optimal geometry and materials with specific electromagnetic and mould-flow analysis and during the prototyping making tests as endurance, thermal shock, vibration, force measurments etc.

AECAS has competencies with ATEX explosion-proof products answering from customer product specifications.

AECAS realizes coils and solenoids responding to UL approvals.

AE.CAS makes special treatments to improve the durability like vacuum impregnation for coils in wet environments.

AECAS can integrate temperature sensors, thermofuse, electronic components and make special connector design in order to fulfill specific application requirements.

AE.CAS makes hydraulic and pneumatic solenoids complete of pilot tube.

AE.CAS produce push pull solenoids with mobile core and holdingmagnets.